I'm a big fan of credit cards because if you use them right, you can score all sorts of points that equal real dollars in your pocket. Find out the three reasons why I love credit cards and how you can use them for all the benefits without the negatives.There I said it. I’m a big fan of credit cards for three main reasons: cash back, airline tickets and gift certificates. In my world, credit cards equal powerful rewards that are worth real money in your pocket that can be used towards all sorts of money goals.

The sad news is that only 31% of credit cardholders have never redeemed their credit card rewards, according to a new Bankrate.com report. Cardholders typically gravitate to one extreme or the other, redeeming their rewards points/miles frequently (38% did so within the past 6 months) or not at all.

The most popular redemption is cash back, which makes sense. Airline tickets are a distant second, followed by gift cards. Millennials are much more likely than older adults to choose cash back.

On This Podcast Episode:

  • Find out why I am a huge fan of credit cards
  • What you should be thinking about if you have rewards points
  • Why you shouldn’t shy away from a credit card with an annual fee
  • How to use your credit card points to achieve your money goals

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