Why pay fees when you don't have to!You know what’s so great about the Internet? No, not that you can spy on all your friends on social media and then comment about their life. What’s great is that the Internet has allowed competition in the world of savings and checking accounts.

Even just a few years ago, you applied for a bank or checking account, and you didn’t really think about the interest they were paying or how much you would pay for your bank account each month. Whatever the rate was, it was.

Thanks to the good ole’ Internet and some healthy competition, we now have access to free checking accounts and higher interest savings accounts. While it might not seem like a bit deal to save $5 a month or to earn an extra $100 a year in interest, I beg you to please to rethink your argument. In the world of smart money moves, an extra $100 a year, is literally an extra $100 a year that you can put to work.

On This Podcast Episode:

  • It’s all about the best checking and savings accounts for 2017
  • Why online banks are great
  • What you need to think about before you change your bank account
  • Why earning more in savings is a smart money move

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2 Comments on Best Savings and Checking Accounts for 2017

  1. David Shepherd
    at (2 years ago)

    I love Simple’s checking account. Works well and banking with no fees is really liberating!

    • shannahgame@gmail.com
      at (2 years ago)

      That’s a great one, David!


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