This week on Millennial Money Lifestyle Thursday we talk about the good and the bad of crowdfunding. Whether you want to start a business, make a movie, or even record an album, crowdfunding has become one of the best ways to raise funds for a dream project, as long you have something people want to buy.

We spoke with two singer-songwriters who both have a unique way of crowdfunding their next big project, as well as finding ways of better connecting with their fans.

Tatiana Moroz  is a singer-songwriter and Bitcoin pioneer who is raising funds to create her own line of currency with her Tatiana coin, so her fans can more direct access to her latest projects, such as her upcoming tour and new album.

This young singer is looking to change the Bitcoin world with her new currency, all the while building a stronger community with her swelling fanbase.

 Austin Lucas wants to get up personal with his fans, as he launches his “House By House” tour, launching March 10th, giving fans an intimate show by this talented singer-songwriter. When fans buy a ticket to this upcoming tour, they have access to one of these exclusive shows, as well getting a digital copy of his latest album, “Immortal Americans.”

With so many artists these days seemingly becoming more distance between them and the audience through such avenues as social media, Austin Lucas is creating a live international social engagement with his fans.

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