Life always has a way of directing you to where it wants you to go. Our guest, entrepreneur Natalie Franke, thought she would just go to college and become a neurologist when life threw her a curveball and she found out you had a brain tumor.

Her story ends well – she took this lifestyle change in stride, became a successful wedding photographer, started the Rising Tide Society which was acquired by HoneyBook in 2015, all at the age of 25. Natalie believes that finding clarity in life and your finances can be achieved once you learn how to tap into your genius zone.

find clarity in your life and business, entrepreneur

What You’ll Learn

  • Natalie’s story of learning she had a brain tumor and how that changed her career path
  • How to find your genius zone and how that brings clarity in life
  • Why Natalie decided to start the Rising Tide Society
  • How HoneyBook became an integral part of her personal and financial story
  • What you need to know before you start a business
  • What Natalie is doing to help other female entrepreneurs have equal rights



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