I’m not a huge fan of the lists when it comes to your money. For a lot of us, there are more than 3 steps or 10 tips, which is what makes talking about money a bit difficult. However, I was recently asked to list my top 10 money lessons to master by the time you were 30 and just had to share.

Check out the top 10 money lessons that you should master no matter your age and learn why they are so important for your future success.

When I looked at the list, I realized these are money lessons to master no matter your age. I believe learning and growing in your money knowledge is always in flux. You’ve never “arrived” at knowing everything about your money situation.

I’m tackling the first five money lessons in this episode and the second five later this week. I want to dive into the money lessons rather than just glossing over a list because they’re actually pretty important.

On This Podcast Episode:

  • Learn why being ok with not being perfect is the new cool
  • Why passing up your 401(k) match is like walking past potentially thousands of dollars
  • Understand why you think, act, and feel certain ways about money
  • We’ll talk about why cash really is still, and always will be, King

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