Saving up potentially a lot of money for the down payment to buy your home can seem like a very daunting process. I know when I bought my first home it felt like I was scraping money together in every direction just to find enough to “make it work.” Unfortunately, in many cities, the cost of entry for buying your first home has only become more and more expensive – hello San Francisco, New York, LA and even places like Chicago.

The good news is the three companies we’re talking about today are in the business of reinventing how you can actually afford that hefty downpayment.


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Ask Shannah: Our question comes from Caitlin today who is trying to find ways to supercharge their savings to buy their first home in a really expensive market. Although there aren’t any secret tricks, when you’re trying to save for a big purchase you must know your numbers – where every penny is going and why to try to find excess savings. Take a listen as I offer some other tips for Caitlin and her husband.

If you’re looking for innovative ways to save for your down payment, this podcast is for you. I’m talking to three companies about what they offer millennials so you can put what savings you do have, with a little assistance, into your dream home sooner rather than later.

Loftium – they’re using one innovative company, Airbnb, to help you afford your 20% down payment.

Landed– calling anyone who works for a school, this company is for you. They offer an innovative down payment program for teachers who don’t often have the means to save 20% down on their own.

Unison– think Landed but for anyone in any career. Unison is changing the way you afford your down payment so you can start living in your dream home and not just dreaming about it.

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