Today’s guest, David Waldrop, is a friend of the podcast who has been on the show in the past He’s a CFP® and has so many great tips to help you build a stronger financial foundation, including these 5 easy steps to improve your finances. This is a reboot episode, but the content is still as good in 2020 as it was last year!

There are podcasts, and blogs, and articles and apps all giving you tips and strategies for your money and then there are so many places for your money to go – paying off debt, saving to build your er fund, college funds for kids, buying your first house, going on a trip to Europe to eat gelato in Italy. But there’s only so much money to go around.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s easier to start with easy money steps
  • What he thinks is the top money step that everyone must do
  • Why you shouldn’t overlook giving yourself a raise and how to do it
  • What the most overlooked money step is and why it’s important
  • What he would tell his 30 something self about life and money


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