How do you become a millionaire? Through smart money moves and understanding how to work your money and not let your money work you. Check out this podcast episode with some tips for how you can jump start your finances on the road to becoming a millionaire.

Whether we want to admit or not, we are all trying to hit that millionaire mark. I don’t care if your idea of living a great life is holding up in a small cabin in the wilderness and living off the land, or you dream of something more glamorous like an Italian villa near the sea. We all know that no matter what your dream is, it’s going to take some cash to live it.

In this podcast episode, I’m talking about the 5 Things Millionaires Do With Their Money That You Should Too. We’re covering:

  • What the true difference is between needs and wants
  • Why taxes can be a real drag – and what millionaires do to maximize their money
  • Even millionaires use budgets– in fact they use them everyday
  • Why credit and leverage can be a very smart money move

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