Why is the word millionaire so powerful? It seems to be the only goal that most of us actively strive for, but the funny thing is we aren’t sure what exactly happens when we reach that coveted million dollar mark.

There are so many habits you should cultivate but we’re going to talk about my favorite 7 habits of future millionaires.

Being a millionaire isn’t so much about the dollar amount in your bank as it is about positive habits that will shape your thinking as you strive towards your money goals.

Being a millionaire is about more than however much money you have in your bank account. It's about a money mindset and good habits that help you be productive and achieve your goals.

On this podcast episode:

I’m dishing about the 7 habits of future millionaires and just why these little habits are so important to being successful. There are countless articles and books out there about the practical tips to becoming a millionaire – saving a certain percentage, getting good raises at work, having no debt, paying cash, etc.

While these tips are fantastic, they don’t speak to the emotional side of what it takes to become an elusive millionaire. After all, you can make millions and spend it all and be broke, or you can make a decent living, have strong money habits in place, and retire a millionaire.

I don’t know about you, but I choose the option #2.

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