It’s 2018…can you believe it?! There’s no better time than the new year to find your focus on what you want to achieve this year and what you want your life to look like. Whether you’re still detoxing from a wild night last night or just relaxing on the couch for the last few moments of holiday break, this podcast is jam packed with great inspiration for a healthy and wealthy 2018.

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On This Podcast Episode:

  • We’re doing a deep dive into 8 money resolutions (and a ton of tiny steps) for 2018
  • Find what your focus is for the new year and how you can attack your goals
  • Pinpoint what money steps you’re working on for January
  • Get ready to make 2018 your best money year yet by creating your money system for success
  • Understand why your brain might be holding your bank account back

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