Have you ever wondered how your health affects your bank account? It does, in powerful ways, and I’m going to tell you why in today’s episode.

In 2017 I was determined to find a way to get a better balance in my life because I knew that it had a direct correlation with my finances, so I joined a yoga studio. I liked it a lot, until one day I walked into David Lynch’s class and then I fell in love with yoga. I fell in love with the power to transform my mind form the inside out.

It’s a new year, and if you’re going to do a new you now is the time to understand the strong connection between your health, your mindset, and your money.

What You’ll Learn

  • The power that your mind and body has on your overall success
  • Why you need time to reset your mind every day (& how to do it)
  • Ways you can cultivate a better mindset this year
  • How to figure out what you focus on and what distracts you from achieving your goals in life
  • David’s career and life journey that lead him to yoga



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