We’re all in debt, we’re all overspending, we’re all stressed out. We’ve got college loans, car loans, mortgages, rent, credit cards, and more. We want to start businesses, travel the world, give back in powerful ways and redefine what our life is about. I mean come on, of course you don’t want to talk about money at the dinner table.

You see, I’m just like you.

I want a place where we can come together and talk about money just as much as you do.

A place where we can solve all those silly nagging questions that you have about credit cards, debt, building wealth, saving money, starting a business, do I buy life Insurance, where should I be putting my money, etc.

There’s a ton of white noise out there that is giving advice about money. I’ve been in the trenches with you, I’ve had the same struggles. For years as a Certified Financial Planner Professional, I’ve been helping people just like you untangle the mess of our day-to-day money problems.


Ok, let’s get the credentials out of the way. I’m a midwestern girl, I’m a CFP®, have an MBA, started my first business at 19 in college, travelled the world, regular on the speaking circuit, I’m a writer that can be found in many online publications, been recognized for my achievements in business, and blah, blah blah.


My real passion though is creating this movement, the new Americana of money, where talking about money is not a taboo topic. Instead, it’s about EMPOWERMENT. I’m not your teacher, however I’m here to teach you how to empower yourself to create the life you have in your head. To go out there and find the answers to your money questions. To take charge of your future.