shannah photoJust like most of you reading this, my journey has been quite a roller coaster to say the least.

When 19 in college at Indiana University, one day I said, “Hey, I want to start the first national student film festival. I have no idea how to do it, but I will do it.” All of the sudden I had created my first business, Hometown Cinema. I knew nothing at 19, but that was my crash course into the world of being a true entrepreneur.

I’m so proud of Hometown Cinema…not because of me, but because of how many kids the film festival helped. Over 130 kids got jobs and internships in the entertainment industry. In fact, many are now famous actors, writers, directors, casing agents and more. It’s so cool to see allIMG_2357 their success.

When the dotcom market crashed in 2000, so did Hometown Cinema. (I’ve been working on a new and improved version called, College Film Wars.)

I always liked business and money, so at that point I decided to get my MBA at Pepperdine University and become a marketing consultant for a few real estate industry clients. It was fun, and challenging, but I knew this wasn’t exactly my niche.

When I graduated, I joined my dad, Stan, in his financial services company and learned a ton. Most of all, I learned that everyone my age knew nothing…and I mean nothing about finances. I spent a few years educating myself; in fact I even got a Certified Financial Planner designation (that’s probably one of the 3 hardest things I’ve ever done – no joke.)

millennial moneyArmed with my MBA, and my CFP®, I stared to lay the groundwork for Your Millennial Money. My first project was our highly ranked iTunes podcast, Millennial Money.

One of the coolest gigs I’ve had is to be a Lecturer in Finance at California State University Northridge. Never thought I would be THAT kind of a teacher. I created a class where students were required to build their own financial plan. Wish I had that at 18.

Now I get to do the coolest job ever – combine my love of finance with my creative talents to produce original content for millennails. From podcasts, to web series, to mobile apps, to millennial money dinners, to speaking gigs to writing opportunities, I love it all.

jeff and shannah game

Personally, I’m married to the most amazing hubby, Jeff. He’s a cool travel journalist, and all around great guy. We live in Los Angeles, and love to travel, watch movies and check out our favorite bands in concert. (The whole reason we even met was because of our favorite band U2…true story.)