June is pride month, although I’d argue that every month should be about loving others no matter what they look like, what their sexual orientation is, or what their life story is. In my opinion, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else, you have every right to be you, just like I have every right to be me. That may be my view, but I was curious, with the rise of an inclusive culture and social responsibility, how are companies and investors supporting the LGBTQia+ community.

My guest and fellow millennial is Jay Lipman, co-founder, and president of the Fintech asset management sustainable investing firm Ethic. On this episode, we’re covering a lot of topics including social responsibility investing and what companies are doing to support the LGBTQia+ community.

What You’ll Learn

  • Are we seeing a strong shift in companies towards better equality with LGBTQ workers or are we still just talking about it without any definitive action
  • How and why are companies aligning their investment portfolios to support the LGBTQia+ community
  • If you’re an investor and want to support the LGBTQ community, are there certain things you can be doing
  • What lead Jay to a career in social entrepreneurship
  • What are trends that are emerging in the social/sustainable investing space
  • What can we do as millennials with less cash to build a sustainable investing practice



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