It’s been a crazy couple of weeks – the Fed raised interest rates again, subscription fees are killing our bank accounts, oh, and there was a bloodbath in the markets. So, it seemed right for us to have a conversation about what this all means to you and how it impacts your financial goals.

What You’ll Learn

  • The Fed is raising the rates yet again – What this means to you: it affects your credit card interest rates, and mortgage rates will rise if you’re looking to buy a house – basically anything with a variable loan component will change
  • Credit card interest rates are up yet again – what’s happening and how can you not become a victim
  • The markets took a downturn – let’s chat about what to do now and why you should stay the course
  • Travel is up for the holidays with 33 million people saying they can’t afford it. Learn a few tricks to make travel a reality to you
  • Find out how many billions of dollars we spend each year just to avoid cooking at home (hint, we all need to learn how to cook)



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