The Ask Shannah questions are piling up so today I’m tackling two questions that I feel will resonate with you.

On This Podcast Episode:

Question #1 – How Much Should I Have Invested (and saved) At Certain Ages – while there are some common goals that are often suggested by personal finance experts, there isn’t a hard-fast number for how much you should have invested and saved. Even if you haven’t started yet, now is as good of a time as any. However, in the episode, I’m going to offer some common suggestions you can use to figure out if you’re on track.

Question #2 – Should I Make Weekly Credit Card Payments – well, the most important factor is that you’re making your credit card payment on-time, however, these micropayments have become popular with people trying to better their credit score and pay off debt faster. See what I have to say about making weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly credit card payments.

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