If you're going to hit the music festival scene this year you're going to need a few apps to help save you time, money and energy.If you’re going to be headed to a music festival then you better load up your phone with some great apps to help you survive.

With thousands descending on Coachella this weekend, which is really the kick-off to the summer festival season. Right after Coachella is finished in a few weeks, Stagecoach rolls into the same spot in Indio, here in California.

Down the road, you have Bonnaroo in Tennessee, the Firefly Festival in Delaware, the Governors Ball in New York City, the Bottlerock Festival in California, and so on. Let alone all the great festivals there are in Europe and other places around the world.

On This Podcast Episode:

This week, we wanted to check out some of the best apps that are out there to get you ready for festival season. We have apps that will help you drink more water, apps to get a massage and apps that will help you stay dry.

Links We Mention:

Waze – Coachella roads can be crazy busy. Waze is a navigation app that gives you alternative routes when your original route is congested. Helpful to any festival.

Find My Car – Once you have parked, three days later you might have a hard time finding your car. An average of 200,000 people end up at Coachella, around 80,000 for Bonnaroo in Tenn, and 90,000 at the Firefly Fest in Deleware. Helps to know where your car is.

Zeel – When you do get back to your room after a long day of music you may want to chill out and relax. With the Zeel app you can have licensed massage therapist sent directly to your house or hotel you’re renting for the weekend.

WaterIn – Helps you determine if you need to hydrate and drink more water.

Shazam – Is one of my favorite apps that listens to music and tells you who the artist is, or helps you find which album a song you like is on.

Sirius XM App- If you miss an early set at Coachella the Sirius XM radio streams every act on every day. They are going to more festivals and broadcasting live, so even if you can’t one of the many festivals this year, you listen on your phone or in your car.

Dark Sky Weather App – Dark Sky gives you a forecast for your precise location, with minute by minute predictions keeping you up to date.

Camera Plus -Is my favorite go-to app for editing any pictures, whether I am traveling, going to a show or just hanging out at home.

Airbnb – Airbnb is the most efficient and inexpensive way of finding somewhere to stay for the night. You can easily find all manners of places to sleep at overnight, with over 600,000 listings across 34,000 cities.

Coachella and Other Festival Apps – They have their own apps. the most up-to-date set times, maps and vendor listings.

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