On this special Christmas episode, we’re featuring a Best Of episode that was a listener favorite. It takes some work to spend $2 million a month like Johnny Depp has been the last few years. I mean, come on, that does take some work to do that (but I’d love the chance to try, right). You don’t need to have Johnny Depp’s bank account though to let yourself get carried away with your budget and spending.

What is it that you’re playing for? You see, even Johnny Depp’s financial advisors started to waive some caution flags in front of him when his spending got carried away. When this happens, it’s time to dial in and budget for your life, not your bank account.

What You’ll Learn

  • We’ll chat about the ridiculousness of Johnny Depp’s spending and what you can learn from it
  • How you can visualize your own spending in a way that makes sense and keeps you motivated
  • Where do you begin to set some boundaries around spending or even your goals
  • What are you playing for – this is the million dollar question


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