Millennials are leading the way when it comes to modern savings. There’s a strong trend towards gifting experiences over stuff that’s honestly really refreshing, and we’re seeing this trend with children’s gifts as well. Play yards and plastic trucks are great, but what about gifting your child (or someone you know) with money towards their goals like college or even buying a house in the future? Today’s podcast guest, Mimi Chan, is sharing how her company, Littlefund, is shaking things in the world of gifting.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why we needed a gift-giving evolution in this country
  • What’s prompted the trends towards giving experiences over stuff and how that is changing the way we view our finances
  • How to give monetary gifts towards future goals for your children or your friends’ children (hint, great for the holidays)
  • How growing up with immigrant parents shaped Mimi’s own money story and her drive to start Littlefund

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More about Littlefund

Littlefund, a modern gifting platform that makes it easy for family and friends to gift savings towards a child’s goals with an FDIC insured account which earns interest of 1% APY that compounds daily. So it truly is the gift that keeps on giving (and at a rate higher than the average savings account to boot). Accounts can be set up by parents with short-term goals such as a trip to Disneyland or swim lessons,  or longer range goals like saving for college. Gifters can send a Littlefund gift at any time by using a parent’s email address as the family being gifted does not need to have a Littlefund account in advance.


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