Women…Earn What You’re Worth – Jacqueline Twillie

Women still earn less than men, so having a good negotiation strategy in place is critical to you earning what you're worth. It’s International Women’s Day today (March 8th) so that means it’s time to talk about equal pay for women. It feels like we’ve been having this conversation forever and yet we continue to talk about the inequality in pay. Just wondering when this will finally change.

Jacqueline Twillie has been a guest on Millennial Money in the past, so I couldn’t think of anyone better to have as a guest today. Jacqueline spends her day teaching people how to negotiate their way through their career and fighting for equal pay for women. She has created an amazing Negotiation Toolkit full of her fantastic tips to help you nail your negotiations.

On This Podcast:

  • We’re chatting about the importance and reality of equal pay for women
  • What you should be thinking about before you negotiate
  • How to win even if you can’t increase your salary
  • Why the fiscal year is so important to your strategy
  • What you can do to fight for equal pay in your own community

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Can Fashion Solve the Refugee Crisis – Angela Luna

Here the story of a compelling millennial entrepreneur who is debunking the myth that fashion can't solve global issues with her company, ADIFF.

Angela Luna is a millennial on a mission. As a student at Parsons School of Design, Angela turned a desire to solve the refugee crisis into a full-fledged business. Learning the ropes of entrepreneurship, Angela has already been featured on stages like TEDx talking about her mission, designs, and her passion for giving back.

photo credit: http://kck.st/2lsX9iB

Her company, aptly called ADIFF, is focused on creating socially conscious fashion. She’s got jackets that turn into tents, jackets that turn into sleeping bags, and even jackets that turn into flotation devices, just to name a few.

 ADIFF and Kickstarter

She’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the launch of her company and with only 7 days left, she’s eager to get all the support she can. Her goal – to surpass her initial goal of raising $65,000 (which she’s already done), and hit a milestone of raising $100,000 during the campaign.

Let’s help get her to that mark and be a part of her mission to change the world.

She is nothing short of inspiring. Check out her TEDx talk to understand how fashion really can make a difference around the world.

Build Your Dream Network – J. Kelly Hoey

Build Your Dream Network

It’s a well-established fact that networking is an integral part of business success — according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking.

Networking is how I’ve been able to succeed for years, but there are some secrets you need to know to be successful.

What does it take to build your dream network? In Kelly Hoey's new book, she gives you the step by step instructions to rock your dream network.

But what most people don’t understand is that networking – when done right – can be the most effective and important tool they have at their disposal when looking for that dream job, pursuing career growth or seeking entrepreneurial guidance and funding.  They also don’t understand that with every new app, information sharing engine and social media platform, the rules of networking are rewritten.

Acclaimed business columnist and networking expert Kelly Hoey understands all this and in her new book, Build Your Dream Network, has created a full-fledged roadmap for the new order of social interaction.

On this podcast episode, I chat with Kelly about her secrets to be an expert at networking and just why it might be the most important skill you ever learn.

J. KELLY HOEY is a writer, investor, connector and networking expert, lauded everywhere from Forbes (“1 of 5 Women Changing the Face of VC/Entrepreneurship”) to Fast Company “25 Smartest Women on Twitter”). A columnist for Inc.com, she’s appeared on CNBC’s Power Pitch, and her clients include The New Yorker, Coca-Cola, PBS, L’Oreal, Capital One, and Dove. Connect with her at jkellyhoey.co or find her on Twitter (@jkhoey).

How to Invest in Startups – Newchip

Investing in startups isn't only reserved for the experts on Shark Tank - with Newchip you can now invest in startups with as little as $100 a month.

Investing in Startups is Easy

Investing in startups used to be reserved for the experts on Shark Tank, and big business people who have lots of funds behind them. I don’t know about you, but there are a ton of deals that I see on that show and think, “Hey, I’d like to invest in that company.”

Now you can – meet Newchip.

 Newchip‘s Millennial CEO, Ryan Rafols and co-founder and CTO Travis Brodeen wants 2017 to be the year investing is forever changed by helping new investors own a piece of startups they believe in and are passionate about. He created Newchip to as a way to make wealth and investing more accessible to the masses, while also specifically targeting people his own age – millennials.

Newchip is a marketplace that will feature hundreds of private equity investment opportunities from other platforms that only offer a few dozen at most. It will also be open to non-accredited investors and provide “crowdfinancing,” which is a credit system where people can invest $1,000 in a company while only paying around a $100 a month over 12 months.

Millennials are the driving force of change – which is causing shakeups in how many businesses and industries normally “do business”. When it comes to investing, millennials are taking a different path than the generations before them, and it’s anticipated that this cause-centric generation will increase the demand for social responsibility investing – SRI – as they indicate less interest in traditional equity investments.

Check out Newchip for a new way to approach investing. Download the app in the app store and start referring some friends for a referral bonus.

Who knows, you might just stumble across the new Facebook or Snapchat.

Launch Your Biz in 10 Easy Steps

Millennials are starting more businesses every year than any other generation before. Lovingly called, “millennialpreneurs,” millennials are stepping out and chasing after their business ideas in full force. Starting a business is one thing, making it successful is a whole other ballgame.

In all my years of starting, and abandoning, business ideas, I wanted to share my tips on how you can launch your biz in 10 easy steps – and a few things you should avoid along the way.

Laughing a business is easy but making it successful and profitable is something else. I'm sharing my 10 easy steps to launching your biz and what you need to do for business success. #entrepreneur #girlboss

On This Podcast:

  • I’m sharing my tips that have helped me in all my years of being an entrepreneur
  • Find out why sometimes it’s ok to abandon a business idea
  • How to create a money system for success
  • Why you need to keep yourself in check
  • How to build your profit team

Be sure to check out my awesome women’s entrepreneur event, Uprising Nashville, coming to East Nashville on February 2, 2017. I’d love to see you all there!

From College to NY Times Best Seller- Alexandra Bracken

Alex Bracken shares her story from college student to best selling author and the money lesson she's learned along the way.Meet Alex

Alexandra Bracken is a # 1 New York Times bestselling author and sold her first novel as a senior in college. Since then her career has skyrocketed with her novels being translated in over 15 languages–and her Darkest Mind series currently in development for a FOX motion picture.

On This Podcast Episode

Alex shares with us her story from going from a regular college student to a NY Times bestselling author and the money lesson she’s learned along the way. In fact, her life story would make a great subject for another book. If you’ve ever had a dream this podcast is for you!

You can find Alex on Twitter, Facebook and check out her new book, Wayfarer, in stores right now!


The Importance of Having a Goal – John Lee Dumas

It’s All About a Goal

After interviewing thousands of entrepreneurs, John Lee Dumas knows a thing or two about what it takes to be successful. In his own right, John Lee Dumas has built one of the most successful podcast shows, EO Fire, and created a multi-million dollar a year business around his podcast.

John Lee Dumas says it's not about achieving a bunch of goals but rather about knocking out one goal at a time.

In his book, The Freedom Journal, John helps entrepreneurs (and really anyone if you ask me) learn how to achieve a goal in 100 days through carefully crafted lessons that get you to take action. For John, it’s not about having a ton of goals that you want to accomplish. It’s about having one solid goal, creating a plan, and then attacking that goal.

On This Podcast Episode:

  • We’ll dish secrets from all the entrepreneurs that John has interviewed
  • Share John’s own entrepreneurial journey
  • Talk about the money reality of running your own business
  • Understand the tricks to achieve your #1 Goal

Big thanks to John for sharing his wisdom with us!



Entrepreneur Spotlight: Corey & Parker, Evolved Finance

What does it take to be a successful millennial entrepreneur? Corey & Parker not only figured out the magic formula for their own business, but they help other online entrepreneurs do just the same.

The Entrepreneur Journey

When Corey first started Evolved Finance in 2010, he had no idea the success that would follow. As a millennial entrepreneur, Corey knew that he had to find a unique niche for his business to be successful. The internet world was booming – and has continued to boom – which has helped Evolved Finance, well, evolve.

It’s no secret that many millennials are making bank with online businesses. Corey and his business partner Parker have grown their bookkeeping business to help many of these successful online entrepreneurs manage the business finance side of their business.

I know you’re probably thinking, “Bookkeeping, that’s pretty boring.” Quite the contrary – Corey loves numbers, which makes him a natural and Parker is gifted at helping to grow the business. It’s a perfect formula for success.

On this Podcast Episode

I chat with Corey and Parker about their own entrepreneur journey in a less than sexy business of bookkeeping and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. We also discuss what they see with their own clients who are marking six plus figures a month (psst…their sharing secrets).

Tune in and check out Evolved Finance if you’ve got a rockin’ online business. Personal finance and business finance go hand in hand, so between Corey, Parker and myself, we make for a lethal combination – three superheroes on a journey to help your business and personal finances grow faster than those pesky weeds in your driveway.

Millennial Music Chat | Dreamers

Meet the Dreamers, a cool millennial band with a unique sound and entrepreneurial spirt.Meet Dreamers

As they continue to rise on the charts of alternative radio, Los Angeles-based via Brooklyn Dreamers unleash their own unique sound on the world with melodious hooks and introspective lyrics, all while blending their favorite elements of pop, indie rock, and even jazz.

Dreamers have a full and ambitious sound for a trio, with Nick Wold (vocals/guitar), Marc Nelson (bass/vocals), and Jacob Wick (drums).

Frontman Nick Wold spoke from his Houston hotel room; conversing about his NYU jazz days, existential philosophy and his love for a Seattle-based rock trio.

Check Out Dreamers

Millennial Music: Singer Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly sits down with Millennial Money to chat about her grammy nominated career and following her dreams of opening a music school.

Sarah Kelly Music Mogul

Sarah Kelly career in the music industry is one that many would dream of. She’s been nominated for a Grammy two times and has sold over 350,000 albums. She’s spent over 10 years touring the world playing venue after venue to thousands upon thousands of fans. You could say she’s achieved a lot, but she didn’t stop there.

The Sarah Kelly Music School Dream

Sarah had a dream that she’s kept close to her for all those years she was performing and playing gigs. She wanted to open a music school, where she could train the next generation of singers and songwriters.

She also knew how important it is to have a mentor and connections to be successful in the music industry. In case you don’t know, musicians aren’t scoring huge record deals anymore (unless your Beyonce or Bruce Springsteen). So, you’ve got to think differently, you’ve got to brand yourself, and you’ve got to stand out from the crowd.

Sarah Kelly is leading the way, and proving opportunities to singers from all around the world.

On this Podcast Episode:

  • We chat with Sarah Kelly about her musical journey
  • Learn how she kept a dream alive (and how she still struggles with her dream)
  • What it takes to be a successful musician these days

Check out Sarah Kelly’s Music School, and watch her perform some of her chart-topping tunes on YouTube.

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