What Do You Want to Know About Mastering Your Money in Your 20’s & 30’s

Master Your MoneyIf your money journey is anything like mine, it hasn’t exactly been something you want to pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate over. I always want to be really honest with you because I think it’s why I’m able to give you content that you can relate to…because I’ve been there.

I like all my content to be positive and approachable, unlike other personal finance experts, like my video on the 6 Deadly Money Sins at the Airport. Ok, that video might not seem positive, BUT if you do the steps you will save a ton of money, which is the best outcome ever.

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Break Free From Your Money Fears

How to Break Free From Your Money FearsI don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly had times in my life when I have been chained to my money fears. Palms sweating and heart racing kind of times. Times where all I could do was to worry about money – how will I make money, where will the money come from, will I have enough money.  In that place, you can’t even think straight, which is why I’ve found that more money mishaps are made in fear and panic than when we are cool and calm.

Does this sound like you?

Breaking free of anything that binds us up takes a lot of time and some hardcore work on our part. Just think about going to the gym. I mean, does anyone really like going to the gym? We all go to the gym for one reason only, to lose that last 5 pounds that we swore we would lose (that, and we admit that looking at everyone working out can be pretty funny.) I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be on the sofa at home watching my favorite reality TV show…the one that I’ve seen 15 times already. (more…)

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