How to Deal with the Emotions of Money

Money is an emotional topic. There is a lot of stress, regrets, and hard feelings when you talk about money. In this podcast episode, I'm sharing my money story and some tips to help you deal with the emotions of money.

How to Deal with the Emotions of Money

Money is an emotional topic. It comes with stress, regrets, hard feelings, and can cause issues in relationships and more. You can learn a million different tips and techniques when it comes to money, but until you deal with the emotions behind money you’ll keep up the same habits.

In this podcast episode, I’m sharing my money story and sharing tips and tricks to help you deal with the emotions of money. Once you find freedom with your money relationship, you will start to see dramatic changes in your finances.

Labor Day Car Buying Guide

It's Labor Day, which means it's time for car buying at it's best. In this podcast episode, find out what you need to know before you go shopping and tips to buy your first car.

Car Buying 101

Labor Day is one of the busiest times of year for car buying, but also one of the best times. Dealers are ready to deal, so brush up on your negotiation skills and get ready to race down the road in a new car. Interest rates are at the lowest rates yet, so now is a great time snag a new car (of course one that fits in your budget) before interest rates rise up later this year.

In this podcast episode, I’m covering what you need to know before you go shopping. Also, I’ll go in-depth discussing some of the tips first time car buyers should be aware of. Yes, we’re going to talk about negotiating, but I promise I’ll roll up my sleeves and tell you how to negotiate without having a panic attack.

Enjoy Labor Day – and save yourself some money and time with my car buying tips.


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The Art of Failing Upwards | Jeff Laub, Blind Barber

Sometimes the biggest failures in life can turn into our biggest successes. Jeff Laub, co founder of Blind Barber, shares his story in this podcast episode.Sometimes failing can be a good thing.

It was for Jeff Laub, co-founder of Blind Barber, a cool new barbershop concept for men in NY and LA. Jeff didn’t start out with entrepreneurial intentions. He was dead set on a career in law until he realized that wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Failing upwards was one of the best things that could happen to Jeff. Not only did he start a thriving business, but he finally discovered a sense of peace surrounding his career path. Jeff’s sharing some wisdom in this podcast episode that is relevant for everyone, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not.

Sometimes in life you have to fail in a big way to discover your true calling! As Jeff says, “Epic  risks lead to epic rewards.”


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Should You Pay Off Debt or Save Money?

Answering the classic question on this episode of Millennial Money.

Pay Off Debt or Save Money?

That’s the classic debate – the #1 question I’m always asked. While it’s always easy to figure the answer out when you’re helping a friend, it can be hard to figure it out for yourself. It seems like a trick question. Is it wrong if pay off debt? Is it wrong if I save money? OMG, I’m so confused.

Don’t Stress Yourself Out

Not to spoil the thunder of this Millennial Money podcast episode, but the answer is neither one is wrong and neither one is right. They are just two choices and you have to do your best to figure out what will work for your individual situation.

In this podcast episode I’m covering:

  • What is smart debt and what is dumb debt
  • The two ways you use to pay off debt
  • A real live case study of a millennial stuck in this situation
  • What should your payoff plan look like

Here’s a link to a great resource where you can create your own payoff plan for any type of debt. Ready For Zero’s tool will help you crush all types of debt.

You can totally do this – whether you choose to pay off the debt, save your money or a combination of both, you’re headed in the right financial direction. Just don’t keep yourself stuck figuring out what the “right” way is, because they’re both right.

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Don’t Wreck Your Credit By Doing This One Thing

This is the one thing you should never do  in terms of your credit score. Credit score is tricky. There are thousands of articles out there talking about credit score, and yet it’s so challenging to figure out why your credit score is the number it is. With that said, there is one particular thing that you can do to keep your score rocking, even if you have a few bad marks on your credit. It’s quite simple…pay your bills on time.

Your payment history has a 35% impact on your overall credit score. While a 30 or 60-day late might not have a big impact, a 90 or 180-day late will have a huge impact on your score for a long period of time.

On this podcast episode, I’m dishing all about this pesky credit trick and how you can keep your credit score on track. I also cover the popular topic of collections. This is a complete grey area, but I’ve got a few tips if you do have a collections on your credit report.

For more tips, follow me on Twitter @shannahgame, Instagram @millennial_money and at yourmillennialmoney.com.

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Launch Your Business Without Going Broke

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to launch. All you need is a good idea, some smart planning and someone who is willing to pay for your product or service. Let’s be real. You don’t have to be wealthy with a huge trust fund to launch a successful business.  All it takes is some smart planning, a great idea and a few hundred bucks to launch. Sure, there are always things you can spend your money on – a better website, better marketing, better programs, etc. The point is, until you figure out if your idea will really make money (aka will someone buy it from you), why would you spend more than you had to?

On this episode of Millennial Money, I had the chance to chat with the amazing Nadia Finer, who runs Little Voice, Big Business (all the way in England). Nadia isn’t just any business strategy and launch coach. She’s had to learn the hard way to embrace what’s unique about herself and use that to her advantage. She’s sharing all sorts of business launch tips sprinkled with some important life lessons that everyone should hear. Nadia Finer

If you love this episode, share it with your friends, and check out more tips at https://www.mmoneypodcast.com.

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End of the Summer Travel Deals & Steals

It's not too late to score some amazing travel deals this summer on any budget. Here's a list of our top four deals - so start packing.

Where are the Summer Travel Deals?

It’s summer – and there are still travel deals to be had. Domestic airfare is at an all time low, in-fact the lowest levels since 2010. Low fuel costs and low cost airlines like Spirit and Frontier have caused an all out fare war between the airline carriers. That’s good news for you and your travel budget.

In this podcast episode, I’ve got my travel journalist hubby, Jeff Game, on to dish info on  four of our favorite deals right now:

  • JetBlue beach deals to Bermuda
  • Natural Retreats deals to Mammoth Lakes and Big Sky Montana
  • Hyatt Ziva all-inclusive deals to Los Cabos and more
  • Princess Cruises unique sails like the West Coast Wine Country cruise

To find out more about these deals, and to sign up for future travel tips and tricks, text MMTRAVEL to 44222. It’s time to get out and explore these amazing destinations.

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Should You Invest in the Stock Market

Should you invest in the stock market?

There are a million different articles that all talk about the right and wrong time to get in the market, but one thing that always stays the same is the end result…yes, you should invest in the stock market.In this lively podcast interview, I chat with Jane Barratt, CEO of GoldBean, about why you should invest...even if you only have a little to invest.

Jane Barratt, CEO and Founder of GoldBean, joins me on this podcast for a lively discussion answering the question, “Should you invest in the stock market?” Jane has a wealth of experience, and her company is up to some pretty cool things in terms of what they offer for new and more advanced investors.

In this podcast we’re covering:

  • Should you be in the market even if it’s scary
  • Why investing buys you options in life
  • The overlooked run of +/- 6% and how you can use that rule to radically change your spending and saving patterns
  • What should you do if you’re in your mid 30’s, been investing for a while, but aren’t sure what the next steps are you should take
  • Demystify some of the crazy investing terminology

For more money tips, follow me on Instagram @millennial_money and Twitter @shannahgame.

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Listener Questions Answered

Ask any money question and have it answered on the podcast. In this episode we're covering saving money, leasing vs. buying a car and credit card travel hacks.I always love the listener question episodes and thank you all so much for taking the time to submit your questions so everyone can learn.

This week we’re tackling four questions on topics including:

  • Saving money
  • High Yield Savings Accounts
  • Credit Card Travel Strategies
  • Leasing vs. Buying a Car
  • Commercial Real Estate Investing 

If you have a question, please feel submit it on my website in the contact section. All questions are great questions and I can’t wait to hear from you.

For more information on my Master Your Budget Course, check out ymmschool.com. Remember discount code MMDISCOUNT to save $50.

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Just How Do You Pick a Stock | Millennial Wall Street Interview

Picking a stock is tough work and you've got to know what you're doing. On this episode I chat with Millennial Wall Street Founder and Member about their tips to launch your portfolio.

You want to invest in stocks but have no idea where to start. You’re so not alone. Picking stocks can be a full-time job and certainly not for the squeamish. I always say that stock investing should be your LAST financial decision and not your first. Square everything else up first then set aside some money to play the stock market.

On this episode I chat with Daniel and Gil from the popular Facebook group, Millennial Wall Street, about how they pick stocks, why they formed the group and a few other tips for newbie investors.

If you want to join Millennial Wall Street, just look up the group on Facebook and send a request to join. I look forward to seeing you in there!

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