So You Want a Good Credit Score…Here’s How

So You Want a Good Credit Score…Here’s How

Credit scores are tricky, and that's why you need to know a few tricks yourself to boost your score sky high.

Yep, we pretty much all know that we need a good score, but it’s downright confusing trying to figure out how to get your score to skyrocket.

In this podcast, I’m covering some of my favorite tips to score a good credit score.

  1. Get out of the dark when it comes to your score
  2. Pay it on time – yes, it does matter 
  3. Know your utilization rate – it’s key to rev up your credit score
  4. Get yourself a good mix of credit (4-5 credit lines is pretty good)
  5. Have a solid payoff system (and a solid budgeting system – like mine)
  6. If all else fails, try using a secured credit card to boost your score

Let me know if you use any of these tips and your score begins to climb, or if you’ve got any other tips up your sleeve that you can share.

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5 Things Millionaires Do With Their Money That You Should Too

How do you become a millionaire? Through smart money moves and understanding how to work your money and not let your money work you. Check out this podcast episode with some tips for how you can jump start your finances on the road to becoming a millionaire.

Whether we want to admit or not, we are all trying to hit that millionaire mark. I don’t care if your idea of living a great life is holding up in a small cabin in the wilderness and living off the land, or you dream of something more glamorous like an Italian villa near the sea. We all know that no matter what your dream is, it’s going to take some cash to live it.

In this podcast episode, I’m talking about the 5 Things Millionaires Do With Their Money That You Should Too. We’re covering:

  • What the true difference is between needs and wants
  • Why taxes can be a real drag – and what millionaires do to maximize their money
  • Even millionaires use budgets– in fact they use them everyday
  • Why credit and leverage can be a very smart money move

I’m also excited to launch my new course, Budget Breakthrough Bootcamp – Master Your Budget in 30 Days. I’m only launching this course to 50 people for the first month, so make sure and secure your spot at ymmschool.com, or text MASTERBUDGET to 44222 for more info.

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What’s This Brexit Thing?

If you’ve turned on the TV in the last few days, you can’t escape all the talk about Brexit. This was the vote where UK decided to stay in the European Union or leave. To everyone’s surprise, the vote came down with the decision for the UK to leave the European Union. What?!Does Brexit actually have an impact on your daily life as a millennial? Check out this podcast where I dish some details you need to know.

The question is, what does this mean for you as a millennial and what kind of impact will this have on your future? If you’re anything like me, you’ve already suffered through one too many recessions to go at again.

In this podcast, we’ll talk about Brexit, why this happened and what it means for you. Hey, look, there’s an upside too. Travel deals to the UK are soaring – now might be the time to take that trip overseas that you’ve been saving for.

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How To Be Confident With Your Money

Everyone is talking about Financial Wellness, in fact, it’s probably why you listen to this podcast (whether you know it or not). There’s a lot of people talking about financial wellness, but my friends at Fidelity Investments are actually working hard to create solutions to better your financial life – now and in the future.

So you aren't confident with your money? Did you know it was possible to be - and it's pretty easy? Check out this podcast interview for tips and tricks from Fidelity.

While on a trip to Boston, I had a chance to sit down with Meghan Murphy from Fidelity, and chat about the power of confidence and money. Being smart with your money is something that should be top on your to do list – and it’s easier than you think.

One tool that Fidelity has rolled out is an interactive Personal Money Checkup tool that you can use for free. This tool will help you figure out if you’re on the right path – or if not- what changes you need to make. Go ahead and check it out!

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Summer Money Checklist

10 Tips to Ignite Your Finances this Summer.

There’s no better time than the summer to check in on your finances and see where you’re at. The summer money checklist contains 10 tips to ignite your finances this summer and get you on the road to a knocking down all those goals you set earlier in the year.

Here’s a rundown of the summer money checklist items that we’re talking about in this podcast episode:

  • Is Your Credit In Check- grab a free credit report at Credit Karma
  • Find Your Free- look for free concerts, museums and events in your city
  • Check Your Cards- what’s your interest rates and do you have the best cards
  • Negotiate One Bill- pick a bill and negotiate for savings
  • Money System Up & Running- create your money system for success & ease
  • Bene Review- when was the last time you reviewed your beneficiaries
  • Budget Pledge- I will master my budget this summer
  • ER Fund Challenge – set your goal and walk away from one habit this summer
  • Up by 1% – supercharge your lifestyle piggy bank savings in 401(k), IRA & ROTH accounts
  • Ask for Help- Sign up for my Summer Money Webinar Series starting June 30th

       Summer Money Free Webinar Series – Grab Your Seat!

    Learn Smart Money Moves, So You Want to Buy a House, Rookie Budget Mistakes to Avoid and Go on a Debt Detox! Summer Money Webinar Series

Follow me on Twitter @shannahgame for more tips!

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To Have a Credit Card or to Not Have a Credit Card

Find out all my reasons why I say yes you should have a credit card. Should You Have a Credit Card or Not?

According to a Bankrate.com survey, 64% of millennials do not own a credit card.

“Millennials are clearly falling short in terms of credit card usage compared to their elders,” said Mike Cetera, Bankrate.com’s personal loans and credit analyst. “A credit card shouldn’t be seen as taboo.

Used correctly, a credit card can not only provide the added benefit of points and rewards, but also help establish a healthy credit score which will be valuable for such things as a lease or mortgage in the future,” Cetera added.

My Credit Card Manifesto

Credit cards , they are a tool – don’t let them make you into a fool. Use them to help you score lots of money things like good credit, rewards, cash back, security for emergencies, and more. Use those little pieces of plastic responsibly – or not at all. Pay the puppy off or create a plan to knock off the debt fast. Don’t let interest take up space in your budget.

Here are 8 reasons why I say “yes” to having a credit card.

  1. Establish your credit score (cancelling cards does lower your score)
  2. Want to buy things like a car or a house
  3. Want to rent a car on vacation
  4. If your savings account is low on funds – a CC can be a saving grace
  5. Stuck in Africa story
  6. Best when you travel – don’t use debit, little protection
  7. Keeping track of expenses
  8. You can rebuild your credit score while you are still paying off debt

Find out more in this podcast episode!

Follow me on Twitter @shannahgame, and Instagram @millennial_money

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Smart Mom, Rich Mom | Kimberly Palmer

What does it take to be a smart mom, who is also financially savvy? On this podcast episode, I chat with author Kimberly Palmer about her Smart Mom, Rich Mom tips. The stats don’t lie. Raising a kid could cost you somewhere north of $250,000 and that doesn’t count the costs for college (which just about double that number…yikes). Those numbers aren’t meant to scare you, but to prepare you for the financial reality that is knocking on your doorstep…but you all are already so far ahead of the game because you’re here…learning about smart money moves.

On this podcast episode, I interview author, mother and all around awesome chic, Kimberly Palmer, about her new book set to hit stores in early June, Smart Mom, Rich Mom. We talk about:

  • How to prepare for a new baby
  • What you can do right now to start making smart budget changes to prepare
  • What are some of her best tips to keep saving for retirement and for the college expenses
  • How to manage it all…even the messy money bits that are bound to pop up

Grab your copy of the book today – and give yourself permission to be a Smart Mom, Rich Mom.

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Got Renters Insurance?

If you're a millennial and you rent, then you need to know about the power of renters insuranceA new survey released by insuranceQuotes finds that millennials are most likely to rent homes, but very few are covered by renters insurance. And while coverage is not expensive, not having it could cause a huge financial hardship – and that’s no joke!

“A big takeaway from the survey is that many consumers underestimate the benefits of renters insurance and overestimate its cost. The average annual premium is $188; however, 25 percent of 18- to 29-year-old respondents believe they’d have to pay $1,000 or more. We need to educate a new generation of renters who don’t fully understand its benefits because it’s an affordable financial safety net that every renter should have,” says Laura Adams, senior insurance analyst for insuranceQuotes.

On today’s podcast I’ll chat with says Laura about:

  • Why you need renter’s insurance
  • How to find the best policy
  • How much you should spend
  • What the heck it covers

Want more info? Follow me on Twitter @shannahgame and Instagram @millennial_money.

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Tech Tips for Millennials

Check this out for some awesome money and time saving tech tips for millennials. What you should have on your smartphone and money apps to jumpstart your finances.

We’re talking tech today with tech superstar, Rich DeMuro. Rich is tech reporter at LA’s KTLA morning news and his segments are syndicated all over the states.

He’s the go-to guy on all things tech, and in this podcast episode we’re exploring the top tech tools for millennials to save money and time. I even learned about a few apps to save money traveling that I know you will love.

Got a question for Rich? Find him on Twitter @richdemuro and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RichOnTech.

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Hey Newlyweds, This Episode is For You

Take a deep dive into the smart money moves to make as a newlywed. I'm dishing loads of tips that you need to think about before, and after, saying "I Do."

Being a newlywed is great – everything is “new” and it feels like you are floating on cloud nine. Money is the one thing that can come and steal that thunder if you aren’t careful. There’s nothing I hate worse than knowing a couple is fighting about money! In this episode, I’m deep diving into smart money tips for newlyweds, and really anyone who’s married. This is the stuff that most people don’t talk about, and I’m laying it all out for you.

Podcast Links:

Follow me on Twitter @shannahgame & Instagram @millennial_money


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