Niagara Falls Getaway

Niagara Falls is a hot millennial destination that's not only affordable, but has so many different activities to explore.

Getaway to Niagara Falls

Did you know that New York State has more to offer than Broadway shows and crowded subways?  Niagara Falls is the first destination in our #traveltuesday series, and after you listen to this episode, you’ll understand why.

Niagara Falls offers more than just the falls – there are great restaurants, a wine trail that’s on par with Napa Valley, a cool art scene, hipster entrepreneurs that are revitalizing the city, beautiful hikes and so much more for the millennial traveler to explore. Get packing!

On this Podcast Episode

The Amazing Niagara Giveaway

That’s right, we’re launching Travel Tuesday with a great giveaway to visit Niagara Falls for one lucky podcast listener.

Thanks to our friends at JetBlue, we’re launching a contest to win 2 round-trip tickets from Los Angeles to Buffalo on JetBlue’s new route, a 2 night stay at Hotel Giacomo, 2 Discovery Passes to visit all of the Niagara park attractions and wine tasting for 2 at Black Willow Winery.

Enter here before the contest closes on November 8 at 9:00 PM PST, and be sure to share it with your friends for more entries in the giveaway.

Credit Cards That Are Giving You a Grand

Credit Card Rewards Are Serious Business

Credit card rewards points are serious business these days worth a lot of extra money in your pocket. On this podcast episode, we're dishing about the top credit card rewards offers and why you should switch to a rewards card right away.

Would you say no to an extra grand? That’s what I thought…

These days credit card companies are offering all sorts of insane credit card rewards sign up bonuses for you, the customer. If you’re not using a rewards credit card, now might be time to investigate. There are tons of ways you can use the rewards points, for instance:

  • Travel for the holidays
  • Exchange points for gift certificates for family and friends
  • Save on car rental for your summer getaway
  • Towards airfare to that exotic location you’ve been dreaming of

If you meet certain conditions, credit card reward points could just be the best gift you’ve ever received for spending money. These points are worth cash in your hand.

Power to the Points

A recent study by, revealed six credit cards with rewards of over $1,000, and tons of other cards with lucrative sign up bonuses. Here are a few of my favorites.

Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Sign-up bonus value: $1,500

Sign-up bonus: 100,000 points if you spend $4,000 in first 3 month

Chase – British Airways Visa Signature® Card Sign-up bonus value: $1,145

Sign-up bonus: 50,000 points if you spend $3000 in first 3 months

Chase Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit CardSign-up bonus value: $1,080

Sign-up bonus: 3 complimentary nights at a tier 1-4 Ritz-Carlton hotel, if you spend $5,000 in first 3 months

Chase – Fairmont Visa Signature CardSign-up bonus value: $1,000

Sign-up bonus: 2 free nights if you spend $3,000 in first 3 months

On the Podcast

On this podcast episode, we’re going to dish about the power of credit card rewards points and  what they can mean to your wallet, and your lifestyle.

I’ve traveled around the world and stayed at some amazing hotels thanks to credit card reward points. Learn how you can embrace the power of rewards too.


4 Awesome Fall Travel Deals & Steals

Travel the World With Your Tax Return

The IRS reports that the average tax return this year will be $3,053. That means it's time to get out and explore. There has never been a better time to travel than now, and we've got 10 International locations that are offering trips for under $3,000 per couple.

Tax Return High-Five

I’m just going to say it. There’s never been a better time to travel the world with your tax return!

You know that feeling. You open the mailbox and there is your bright and shiny tax return. The IRS reports that the average return for 2016 will be $3,053 – which is good news for you. If you’re expecting a big return, the question remains, what should you do with your tax return?

Hey, I’m all about making smart money decisions. My advice is always to take half of your return and do something intelligent with it – like pay down your debt, build up your emergency fund, or invest it wisely. However, I’m also a fan of using the other half for doing something special, like taking a trip internationally.

We’ve (me and my hubby, Jeff) put together a great podcast with a ton of tips about where you can go as a couple for under $3,000. (more…)

How to Save Tons Traveling During the Holidays

How To Save TravelingAccording to a survey by Hotwire, one-third of millennials plan to travel in 2015, and the millennial generation has set aside a whopping $226 billion dollars to do so. There’s something about us millennials, we love to travel. Do you think it’s because we are restless and always on the move? Whatever the reason is, we are planning on spending a ton of money to “go places” this year, and most of us plan to use those dollars for end-of-the-year holiday travel. But you’re probably just like me and would rather travel more and spend less, right? The question is, how do you save tons traveling during the holidays?

As much as I’d like to take credit for coming up with some genius ways to save money when traveling, I simply can’t. There aren’t any top-secret secrets that I have, except that what I’ve learned over the years has been from trial and error, and believing that there is always a way to do what I love and spend less money. That doesn’t mean I’m cheap, or that I don’t like to stay at luxury hotels. No, no, don’t get me wrong. I love to fancy hotels, great beds, and those fluffy robes just like you do. (more…)

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