You know the story. A famous celebrity with millions and millions of dollars dies without a will. It might seem shocking to know that a lot of celebrities forget to secure one thing – those millions of dollars with a will or a trust. But, you don’t have to be a celebrity with millions of dollars to have a will. In fact, getting a will in place is one of the smartest money moves that won’t even break the bank.

What You’ll Learn

Sure, we’re going to talk about those celebrities, including Aretha Franklin, that died with millions in the bank and didn’t take the time to set up a will exposing their millions to a long court procedure and more. However, this episode is all about you.

  • Learn what a will is and why the heck you need one
  • There are lots of resources out there to help you get a will in place for under $100
  • Which celebrity had their estate held up for 30+ years in court because he didn’t have a will
  • Some simple steps you can take today to make sure the money you worked hard for will go to the people you want it to

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