I’m not sure there is anyone around the world that doesn’t know about COVID-19 at this moment. I’m praying that it hasn’t affected you or your family. It would be a gross misstep if I didn’t dedicate an episode to Coronavirus and its impact on your money.  So that’s what we’re going to do – not with fear, but with information and facts to help you navigate these strange waters.

Joining me on this episode is Laurie March (from a previous podcast episode) and Michele Schneider, from MarketGuage and author of Plant Your Money Tree.

What You’ll Learn

  • How this current economic crisis compares to the 2008 global crisis
  • Mish’s suggestions of what to do and not to do with your investments
  • Key trends to watch out for in the next few weeks
  • Laurie shares how to prepare for an emergency – what you need to stock up on from a previous podcast episode
  • How to keep a good money mindset in the midst of this crisis


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