Do you have a financial plan? One that will get you where you are to where you want to financially post coronavirus and quarantine life. Don’t panic if you’re shaking your head no, this episode will soothe your soul. Ande Fraizer, CFP, author of Fin(anci)ally Free and CEO of myWorth, is sharing the secrets you need to know to put together your post coronavirus financial plan.

As Ande says, you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. The first step to a post coronavirus financial plan, or really any financial plan, is to look past your fear, acknowledge where you’re at financially, focus on what’s going in and out and tackle life in a 3-step process – what now, what next and what should you wait on.

how to create a financial plan

What You’ll Learn

  • Ande’s three-step system to put together your post Coronavirus financial plan
  • How to look at your numbers without fear and acknowledge where you’re at
  • Why you need to create your money to-do list
  • How to spot opportunities in current spending that you can use towards savings or goals
  • Ways to develop a plan for your savings
  • Ande’s tips on finding a side hustle in the virtual world


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