Find out all my reasons why I say yes you should have a credit card. Should You Have a Credit Card or Not?

According to a survey, 64% of millennials do not own a credit card.

“Millennials are clearly falling short in terms of credit card usage compared to their elders,” said Mike Cetera,’s personal loans and credit analyst. “A credit card shouldn’t be seen as taboo.

Used correctly, a credit card can not only provide the added benefit of points and rewards, but also help establish a healthy credit score which will be valuable for such things as a lease or mortgage in the future,” Cetera added.

My Credit Card Manifesto

Credit cards , they are a tool – don’t let them make you into a fool. Use them to help you score lots of money things like good credit, rewards, cash back, security for emergencies, and more. Use those little pieces of plastic responsibly – or not at all. Pay the puppy off or create a plan to knock off the debt fast. Don’t let interest take up space in your budget.

Here are 8 reasons why I say “yes” to having a credit card.

  1. Establish your credit score (cancelling cards does lower your score)
  2. Want to buy things like a car or a house
  3. Want to rent a car on vacation
  4. If your savings account is low on funds – a CC can be a saving grace
  5. Stuck in Africa story
  6. Best when you travel – don’t use debit, little protection
  7. Keeping track of expenses
  8. You can rebuild your credit score while you are still paying off debt

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