Crypto, Bitcoin, Altcoins, and NFTs. Should you learn what these are, or are they a passing fad in a bubble that will burst just as the crypto market did in 2017? In this second part of our episode series on cryptocurrency we are joined by crypto expert and the hostess of the Crypt Keepers’ Club, Kendy, to break down what you need to know.

The more I dig into crypto, altcoins, bitcoin, NFTs, etc. the more fascinated I am with it all. If you missed the first episode on Crypto with Kevin Murcko, be sure to go back and check that one out as well. I think it’s so great to get all of these different perspectives.

In this episode, Kendy, who has a background in economics, is super smart, and has been investing in crypto for many years, is breaking down some further questions like how much to invest in crypto, how to deal with taxes when you invest in crypto what to invest in, what the heck are altcoins and NFTs and to start things off, what is going on in the cryptocurrency and bitcoin market that is driving prices sky-high.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is causing the price surge with bitcoin and crypto
  • Will there be another crypto meltdown
  • What are altcoins and NFTs
  • How much should you invest in crypto
  • What are the tax consequences of investing in crypto


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