What does how you earn, save and spend your money say about your overall relationship with money – a lot actually.

Some of us spend more money to “look the part” in our careers and some of us can get away with comfy pants and ripped sweatshirts (although I urge you to never go to work this way). What writer Alanna Okun has found in her series, How Do You Shop on Racked is that our uniqueness to spending and saving money is also the tie that binds us all together.

On This Podcast Episode:

We’re getting down and dirty with Racked’s writer and editor, Alanna Okun, about the series How Do You Shop in this episode. Alanna shares some of the most surprising discoveries she’s learned from talking to many different women from across the U.S. about their own saving and spending money stories.

Alanna’s also got quite a money story herself. Living in NYC and working for Racked and BuzzFeed prior, she’s sharing her own wisdom about being smart with her cash and her exciting career journey (hint, she’s launching her first book, The Curse Of The Boyfriend Sweater in March).

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