I’m sure you’ve probably had someone tell you about their enneagram number. It seems like the enneagram model is everywhere. There are so many questions: what is all about, does it even matter, and how can you use your enneagram number to help you with your finance?

Our guest, Sarajane Case, is an Enneagram expert and host of the Enneagram & Coffee podcast. Sarajane is sharing so much Enneagram wisdom including why you need to think of your enneagram number as your character structure, not your personality type, and how you can use your number to help you with your finances.

Enneagram expert talks about your relationship to money

What You’ll Learn

  • What the history is of Enneagram
  • Why Enneagram is having its moment right now
  • How can we use our Enneagram number to inform our money choices and behavior around finances
  • A rundown of each of the nine Enneagram numbers and a few traits of each number
  • Sarajane’s money story and how she’s used her Enneagram number to help her decision making



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