We talk often on this podcast about our own stories – our money stories, our career stories, our family stories, etc. and how those stories have a direct correlation to the decisions we make in our lives. Our podcast guest, Lily Clayton Hansen, has built her career sharing stories of people who inspire her focused on her goal of reminding people, “that by keeping an open mind and heart we can foster genuine connection.” We need connections now more than ever.

On This Podcast Episode:

Lily was a guest on the podcast way back when her first book, Word of Mouth, hit the scene and she’s back again to chat about her new book, Word of Mouth: More Conversations, chronically stories from her hometown of Nashville.

In Word of Mouth: More Conversations—the follow-up to Hansen’s first coffee table book, Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations, which sparked collaborations with institutions such as the Nashville International Airport and Vanderbilt University—the author interviews a wide cast of characters from business owners to community leaders and artists. Her intention is to show the textured, complex creative mecca that is Nashville.

My hope through this conversation is that you’ll be inspired to have more conversations – conversations with your partner about money, conversations with your family, conversations with people you come in contact with about their life and find common connections. Also, I hope Lily’s story shows you that a dream career is possible without a huge NY Times best-seller or millions of books sold. She’s a millennial on a mission and her fearlessness is downright infectious.

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