It’s a new year, the holidays are over, you’re settling into 2018, but you are itching to get far, far away and experience an amazing getaway…and maybe travel some place you have never been before.

We recently gave you some of the best budget travel destinations, well this time we are tackling those unique and cool travel destinations of 2018.

On This Podcast Episode:

On this episode, my co-host Jeff, and I are dishing about all those destinations that you should start saving now to explore this year.

How about an island where Alexander Hamilton was born?

An American iconic city turning 300 years old?

How about finding Luke Skywalkers home from the Last Jedi movie?

We have it all this and more on this week’s Travel Tuesday episode and Where Everyone is Traveling in 2018! Get your bags packed and your bank account ready.

Pinneys Beach Nevis

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