To be good at anything in life, your career, your relationships, managing your money, etc. you need to find some balance. For my husband Jeff and me, that means escaping from time to time and finding places to explore that are about beauty, exploration, experiences and if we’re lucky, making a few friends along the way. On this episode, we invite you to escape with us to one of the most beautiful places in Oregon, the Mt. Hood/River Gorge area.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why balance is so important and not just a buzz word
  • How to find balance on just about any budget
  • How Ali McLaughlin created a business (MountnBarrel) with the sole purpose of helping others relax and enjoy life while sipping wine on a bike
  • The discoveries you can find traveling to unique places like a historic inn (Balch Hotel) in a tiny town and how that tiny town can change you in all the right ways
  • The serene beauty of the Oregon rivers and the healing power of the water along the Clackamas River
  • Why Mt. Hood/River Gorge should be on your travel to-do list



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