California-based and Hawaiian-reared singer/songwriter Ry Bradley is out to break that Nashville country music stereotype mold that holds back so many singers from blossoming into true artists. Bradley is looking for authenticity and experience in his songwriting. The world is taking notice of his talents as some of his songs have been featured on such hit TV series as NBC’s Chicago Med & ABC Family’s The Fosters.

On This Episode:

My co-host for the podcast is my husband, Jeff Game, a travel, and music journalist that’s always on the hunt for a good story to tell.

Ry has a brand new openly personal, yet rocking new album, Everything I’ve Got, including the song “Next Aldean Show,” which not only pays tribute to the shooting victims of the Las Vegas Route 91 Music Festival last year, all proceeds go to the survivors and family members. Ry is also involved in Women in Rock event, and recently held his own rock and roll camp for young musicians in Norway.

Let us introduce you guys to Ry Bradley as we spoke with the very down-to-earth young star from his home in Orange County, California. Bradley opened up about how splitting time as a kid of divorce in Hawaii and California shaped his musical pallet, what it takes to carve your own path in life and the power of Adele’s singing voice.

Topics We Talked About:

  • Being a millennial himself
  • Always giving back, helping to make the world a better place
  • Carving your own path in music and life
  • Vegas shooting, raising money for victims and their families
  • Women in Rock event in September
  • Rock n Roll Camp in Norway and why this is so cool


Ry Bradley


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