I’ve got a question for you. What would it feel like to be debt-free, to start over from a blank page, to not have that stress and worry hanging over you? I would imagine pretty good – but becoming debt-free takes time, some tips and tricks and as Michael Bovee says, it’s all about getting to know ourselves.

Michael is a debt expert and co-founder of Resolve a company that helps people in financial distress navigate their way to financial health. In this chat, Michael shares ways to pay down debt, the nitty-gritty about debt settlement and the ins and outs of filing for bankruptcy. My rule is there is no room for judgment when it comes to debt – life happens, things happen, let this episode be a tool you can use if you or anyone you know find themselves making debt payoff a top resolution for 2020.debt, debt free

What You’ll Learn

  • What do consumer debt levels continue to rise
  • Is all debt bad debt?
  • Some practical ways to get out debt beyond the snowball and avalanche methods
  • What you need to know about debt settlement
  • What you need to know about bankruptcy
  • How student loans are treated in bankruptcy
  • What to do with medical debt


Signature Budget Worksheet


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