Shopping for a house is a lot of fun. Getting a mortgage is not. Until recently, getting a mortgage to buy a house has been a hassle, full of stress, paperwork, and a lot of money that trades hands. Thankfully, technology and some ingenuity are changing the game. Brian Faux from Morty is joining us on the podcast today to share what you need to know to get the right mortgage for you.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is broken with the current system and way we go about getting a mortgage for a home
  • What happened that lead to the mortgage meltdown ten years ago and can we avoid it again
  • What makes for a good homebuyer
  • How can you prepare yourself financially to get a mortgage
  • What does the mortgage process look like
  • How has technology changed the mortgage process and why Morty is so original
  • How you can feel empowered during the mortgage process



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