Call it a conspiracy or whatever you want, but there is a well-orchestrated message out there that creating a plan for your money that helps you achieve your goals is impossible – you’ll never save enough, you’ll never get out of debt, you’ll outlive your money, blah. That’s not true because it is possible for you to get your financial house in order right now with what you’ve got in your bank account. Our podcast guest, Peter Lazaroff is going to show us how.

What You’ll Learn

  • Easy strategies you can use to build your wealth
  • How to get in a better relationship with the world wealth
  • Why you should create a reverse budget and how to create one easily
  • The magic of goals based investing and how you can benefit from it
  • Some of Peter’s best tips from his new book, Making Money Simple: The Complete Guide to Getting Your Financial House in Order and Keeping It That Way Forever



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