I think January is so interesting. It’s the month that as my guest Julie Voris, an online fitness and nutrition coach says, we want to do all the things and the reason we don’t, it’s because we don’t commit to the choice. We give up somewhere between Jan 1 and Jan 31.

But getting yourself healthy isn’t just about losing weight, but it’s about forming good habits, getting your blood flowing so you can think better, have more energy, and spur on some good juju so you can tackle your goals. Thankfully, Julie is here to show you how you can get yourself healthy on any budget.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why being healthy is about so much more than how much you weigh
  • How to incorporate exercise and good nutrition on any budget
  • The mental benefits of working out
  • How Julie cultivated a career around exercise and nutrition
  • What are some easy ways to workout at home
  • Ways to figure out what eating plan is right for your body
  • How to change your mindset around exercise and nutrition



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