For me, travel is a must in life, right up there with paying rent and my student loans (yep, still got those payments too). Going on vacation, I feel, isn’t a luxury but a legitimate expense to add to any budget because of all you learn about yourself as well as the place you visit. What I’ve learned from years and years of traveling is that no matter what my budget is, there’s always a way to go on vacation…no matter what.

On This Podcast Episode:

Let’s not let your budget keep you for going on vacation – whether it’s a short trip or a two-week excursion, traveling is important.

  • Learn some of my favorite tips to vacation on any budget
  • Creating a travel savings account could be the best thing
  • Find sneaky ways to save every day for your travel fund
  • Hear about some of my favorite sites to help you save
  • Understand why I think travel is so important -and why the world needs you to explore it

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