Goals are fantastic.

They are the backbone to your budget and provide the GPS system for your financial future.

The problem is that most people set financial goals and never achieve them..and wonder why they can never get ahead financially.

It's because you need a freakin' system for success!

You would never set out to run a marathon without a game plan in place. You don't just magically run 26.2 miles (and survive).  You need to know when to train, how much to train and so on. Your goal is the date you will run the race, but the game plan (system) is all of the details for how you are going to achieve that goal.

2016 is the perfect time to get your goals together and create a system to achieve each one of them.

If you want to travel…great… you need a system.
If you want to pay off debt…great…you need a system.
If you want to buy a house…great…you need a system.
If you want to move abroad…great…you need a system.

Take a listen to this podcast where I talk about how to get your system in place so 2016 will be your best financial year yet!

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