So You Want a Good Credit Score…Here’s How

Credit scores are tricky, and that's why you need to know a few tricks yourself to boost your score sky high.

Yep, we pretty much all know that we need a good score, but it’s downright confusing trying to figure out how to get your score to skyrocket.

In this podcast, I’m covering some of my favorite tips to score a good credit score.

  1. Get out of the dark when it comes to your score
  2. Pay it on time – yes, it does matter 
  3. Know your utilization rate – it’s key to rev up your credit score
  4. Get yourself a good mix of credit (4-5 credit lines is pretty good)
  5. Have a solid payoff system (and a solid budgeting system – like mine)
  6. If all else fails, try using a secured credit card to boost your score

Let me know if you use any of these tips and your score begins to climb, or if you’ve got any other tips up your sleeve that you can share.

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