Did you know that budgeting makes you sexier? Check this out PLUS a FREE sexy money cheat sheet. I bet you didn’t know that budgeting actually makes you sexier. It’s true, I swear by it.

Country to popular belief, budgeting doesn’t have to be a terrible horrible word. When you master budgeting and have it down pat, you can create a new budget blindfolded and in no time flat.

You see, everyone wants you to believe that you can’t figure out budgeting and that it’s going to tell you all the stuff you can’t do. Yah, don’t listen to those people.

Budgeting is there to show all the stuff you CAN do. All the goals you CAN accomplish. All the positive financial steps you CAN make.

How does this make you sexier you ask?

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Here are a few of my favorite ways that budgeting makes you sexier (and let’s get real, who doesn’t want to feel sexier?!)

You are in control of your spending
You are aiming towards goals
You look freakin’ smart
You are able to afford to travel no matter how much money you make
You are more confident which always makes someone sexier
You know how to be spontaneous and where you need to be cautious
You aren’t in debt, hello
Knowing your numbers = successful budget = financial success = the budget glow
You know how to recover when your budget breaks
You reward yourself for budget success which makes you happier

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