Alright, let’s get real here. Are you making six figures but still using your parents’ Netflix Login? Are you spending more money at Starbucks than you’re saving into your 401(k)? If you answered yes, you might be what’s called a HENRY- that is a high earner, that is not yet rich.

In today’s episode, Gideon Drucker,  a millennial and is a third-generation advisor at his family’s wealth management firm, Drucker Wealth in NYC, is dropping some serious knowledge about what being a HENRY might mean for your future and what can you do now to own your future.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is a HENRY and how to avoid being one
  • How do you begin to make money shifts if you are a HENRY
  • What are we getting wrong with our thinking about finances
  • Gideon’s three-bucket money approach that will change your life
  • The only number that Gideon says matters in terms of your financial future
  • How Gideon went from a paratrooper to a CFP



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