“There’s a difference between simply making money and building wealth. The former is what you do while you’re awake to generate cash flow. The latter is made in your sleep.” In this episode, John Hope Bryant, entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and thought leader shares how to be financially empowered, how to build financial inclusion, the power of financial literacy, the #1 money lesson you need to know, and how you build wealth starting with this.

Meet John

Referred to as the Conscious of Capitalism by Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines, and James Herbert, Chairman and CEO of First Republic Bank, John Hope Bryant is an American entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and prominent thought leader on financial inclusion, economic empowerment, and financial dignity. He is named as Atlanta Business Chronicle’s “The Power 100: Most Influential Atlantans in 2020”, and American Banker magazine’s 2016 “Innovator of the Year”, and one of Time magazine’s “50 Leaders for the Future”.

Mr. Bryant is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Operation HOPE, Inc. the largest non-profit, best-in-class provider of financial literacy, and economic empowerment services in the United States for youth and adults. He is also the Chairman and CEO of Bryant Group Ventures and Founder and Principal of The Promise Homes Company, which is the largest minority-controlled owner of single-family rental homes in the United States. Five former U.S. presidents have recognized his work, and he has served as an advisor to three sitting U.S. presidents from both political parties.

He is responsible for financial literacy becoming the policy of the U.S. federal government. He has received hundreds of awards and citations for his work, including Oprah Winfrey’s Use Your Life Award, and the John Sherman Award for Excellence in Financial Education from the U.S. Treasury. He is the author of bestselling books Up From Nothing, The Memo, How the Poor Can Save Capitalism, and Love Leadership.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why is financial literacy a new civil rights issue
  • Ways to become financially empowered
  • How to develop true wealth and why it matters
  • How to escape the feeling like there will never be enough money
  • John’s journey into financial literacy
  • John’s #1 financial lesson that you need to learn


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