Maybe you have student loan debt or your career hasn’t reached it’s full earning potential yet, all of these potentially negative things don’t discount you from being able to come up with a healthy down payment to buy your first house (and I’m not talking about robbing a bank either).

Today’s podcast guest, Cari Jacobs, the CMO of a company called Unison is joining us to share this new concept of co-investing with homeownership and why technology is helping you fund that elusive 20% down payment. So I wanted to know from Cari how is it possible to buy a home when you have less than 20% saved for your down payment.

What I Ask:

  •  Is owning a home a reality if you’re still balancing debt and getting set up in your career?
  • How is technology advancing the process of home buying and making it easier for millennials?
  • Tell me about the history of Unison – how did the company and concept come about and what is the audience you’re trying to serve?
  • If I wanted to purchase a $500,000 home for example, how would I work with Unison for my down payment?
  • Are there any potential downsides?
  • If you could leave the listeners with one tip about reaching their home buying goal, what would it be?

What You’ll Learn

  • How to balance debt you are paying off with the desire to buy a home
  • All about the new concept of co-investing and how you can benefit
  • Why the millennial generation is so different when it comes to home buying
  • How you can use someone else’s money to leverage your down payment
  • Is now the right time to buy (or is there ever a right time to buy)
  • How powerful the consumer home buying market is to our overall economy



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