Imagine a life where every money decision you make is very intentional. Everything you buy has a purpose and a reason. You invest with purpose, you save with purpose. If this feels a million miles away, this episode is for you. Guest Mallory Rowan will indoctrinate you in what it means to embrace money minimalism and bring intention into every money decision you make.

Mallory is a  business coach who has grown a multi-six-figure business, one that almost killed her. It was then when she realized that money minimalism was going to be the way she could get her life and money back on track. In this episode, Mallory’s sharing how to create a money minimalism system that actually works for YOU. One that will help you love saving your money and make it work flawlessly.

Money minimalism system

What You’ll Learn

  • What is money minimalism
  • How to create an easy to manage money system
  • Ways to motivate yourself to save money
  • What role do goals play in your money success
  • Mallory’s story of business success and burnout

Meet Mallory

Mallory Rowan is a no-fluff, anti-hustle business coach who focuses on helping you build a brand that aligns with your life brings you the income you desire and creates a sustainable approach from day one. Six years ago, Mallory co-founded LVD Fitness, a lifestyle brand for athletes wanting to make an impact. She grew it to a global, multi-six-figure business and it almost killed her. Today, she helps entrepreneurs build without burning out. She helps people zero in on how to grow their brand in a way that works, and feels really good. She has been featured as a Shopify Master, a lululemon ambassador, and one of United Way’s “People to Know”.

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