How much money do you make? Do you have credit card debt? What is your credit score? Hey, will you come to my wedding and oh, by the way, it’s probably going to cost $1,000? Why can’t you afford to go to dinner with us?

Oh, those awkward money conversations. There are just so many of them. In this episode, Erin Lowry, money expert and author of the new book Broke Millennial Talks Money: Scripts, Stories and Advice to Navigate Awkward Financial Conversations, walks us through how to handle some of life’s stickiest money conversations.

podcast episode with Erin Lowry

Meet Erin

Erin Lowry is the author of the three-part Broke Millennial series, including the recently released Broke Millennial Talks Money: Scripts, Stories and Advice to Navigate Awkward Financial Conversations.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to navigate awkward money conversations
  • Why money conversations are inherently so awkward
  • Ways to talk to your spouse and partner about money
  • How to handle money conversations with friends
  • Rules about sharing how much money you make
  • What happens when you avoid having money conversations that you know you should


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