You’re probably thinking, “how can I invest to make money?” Good question. Did you know if you would’ve bought Apple stock in 1995, provided you were alive and spent $3,000 you would have somewhere around 14 million dollars today? So maybe you missed the opportunity with Apple, but what about the future Apples that are out there? How do you find them, what are you looking for, how much should you invest, and how do you make money every day? Those questions and more in today’s episode with Jerremy Alexander Newsome.

Learn how to invest and make money every day in this podcast episode

Today’s Guest

Jerremy Alexander Newsome

Jerremy Alexander Newsome is on a mission to enrich lives with mentally liberating education. Since the age of seven, he has been fascinated with investing and growth. His passion for helping others enrich their lives through investing led him to found Real Life Trading in 2014. This starting point has allowed him to assist and enrich tens of thousands of lives while also growing the company organically to a seven-figure business.

Real Life Trading

Real Life Trading Beginner Investing Course

My Takeaways

I took Jerremy’s beginner investing FREE course that he talks about in this episode, and I have to tell you it was amazing! I know a lot about investing but what I learned from Jerremy was an easier way to invest and make money every day. He is an amazing teacher and guides you through his system of investing. If you’ve always been a little afraid of day or swing trade, this podcast episode will change your mind!

You’ll Learn

  • How to start to invest to make money every day
  • The difference between day trading and swing trading
  • Jerremy’s tips to finding stocks to invest in
  • Why most people fail at investing
  • What you’ll looking for when you evaluate stocks
  • Jerremy’s story of turning his love of investing into a career

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