You want to get in shape. So you go to the gym, maybe you take up running, and you decide to eat better. Each day you make a conscious choice to move in that direction of getting in shape. Some days you might not feel like it and maybe you take the day off or splurge on a donut, but generally, you’re moving in the right direction. Each day you’re taking a new step to help you get there.

Growing your money is the same thing. As Brian Barnes, CEO and Founder of M1 Finance shares, to invest with knowledge and not emotion is about more than just the one-time decision you make and more about the steps you take every day!

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create money habits that stick
  • How to set up a money system that works for you (and is easy)
  • How to create an “investing decision-making tree”
  • How to reduce friction with your finances
  • Why M1 Finance is a super app
  • Why most people have the same needs and wants when it comes to money



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